For the FW 2017-2018 season, Roy Roger’s presents two new lines with well-defined identities: Roy Roger’s Rocks and Roy Roger’s Diamond.
 Denim, the brand’s core business, is the point of intersection of these two women’s worlds.


The Roy Roger’s Rocks woman, with her free, rebellious spirit, is nevertheless always exquisitely style-conscious.

Her wardrobe opens on an array of skinny, regular and baggy jeans embellished with studs, rips and tears, miniature chains, leather detailing and marbled effects. To match with short leather jackets, studded flying jackets or parkas or raw-cut overcoats. For a true rocker style!


The Roy Roger’s Diamond woman sparkles with effervescent femininity and glamour.

The collection includes skinny-fit jeans – and a new push-up model – adorned with glitter appliqués, hearts, sequins, gold-thread overstitching, velvet banding and gold prints. Completing the look, fur garments and sequined flying jackets. For a precious, brilliant allure!


The collection is enhanced with new skinny-jeans proposals and new models with a softer line in a new, super-high-performance elasticised denim.



Re-Issue is a total-denim capsule collection made up of 6 iconic items from Roy Roger’s archives, reinterpreted in modern and contemporary keys: a short flying jacket, a double-breasted jacket, long and short plissé skirts, bell-bottom chinos, and 5-pocket palazzo pants.



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Έτσι, δεν γνωρίζω ... "Io so di non sapere" ma grazie alle infinite risorse della Rete mi esercito ogni giorno per cercare di aggiungere un tassello in più al proscenio del mio scibile. In cosa sono laureata? Scienze filosofiche. Giornalista - Dalla raggiante Catania (Acicastello Informa) mi sono spostata a Roma dove lavoro come Account executive dell'azienda Lexmedia; sono web editor, fashion passionate e amante dei viaggi.


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